Fifa World Cup 2006 Germany

World soccer's supreme title - The FIFA WORLD CUP is disputed between nations every four years. Current holders BRAZIL will defend their title in 2006 in Germany. Twelve cities - Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hannover, Kaiserslautern, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart - have been named to host the Finals
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    Tuesday, June 13, 2006
    Spectacular opening for World Cup

    Spectacular opening for World Cup

    Claudia Schiffer added a touch of glamour to proceedingsThe 2006 World Cup has got under way in Germany with an extravagant opening ceremony in Munich's Allianz Arena.
    Pele, a World Cup winner in 1958, 1962 and 1970, carried the trophy onto the pitch, with German supermodel Claudia Schiffer at his side.
    More than 150 former World Cup winners were on display as the hosts put on a spectacular show.
    Hosts Germany opened with a 4-2 win over Costa Rica in Munich, while Ecudaor shocked Poland 2-0.
    World Cup organisers are expecting about one million people to visit Germany for the tournament, with as many as 100,000 of those from England.
    All police leave has been cancelled across Germany as security forces brace themselves for a massive operation.
    Five-time winners Brazil are the favourites to win again in a tournament which will be watched by billions worldwide on television.
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    World Cup Football Globe returns to Berlin
    The »Football Globe – FIFA World Cup 2006« is the travelling ambassador of the Federal Government’s Artistic and Cultural Programme for FIFA World Cup 2006.

    For three years the mobile venue has been touring Germany's twelve host cities bringing football culture to its visitors in an emotional and fun way. The characteristic design of the Globe combines the shapes of the planet earth and a football to symbolise the worldwide fascination for the game that helps bring nations closer together.

    The Football Globe will be on show at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin from 1 June to 9 July.

    By day the “Football Globe - FIFA World Cup 2006” acts as an interactive exhibition room. On the lower level cult objects from the world of football, for example Oliver Kahn's goalkeeping gloves, Zinédine Zidane's signed football boot and the ball used in the 1954 Final are on display. The exhibits vary from city to city.

    The interactive part of the exhibition invites the visitor to stop at ten different stations to get to know the different aspects of football and try them out. For example, there are three plasma screens with 'Football stars' you can touch, virtual goal wall shooting, a refereeing game, clips of unusual footballing incidents and much more. The Globe exhibition is connected to the internet via the 'Soccer-My Love' facility. Here, fans can register their declarations of love for the beautiful game. These contributions then appear on the website.

    Several evenings a week the interior of the “Football Globe - FIFA World Cup 2006” is transformed into a studio. Nearly 200 events have been held so far where German-speaking and international guests - football stars, fans, politicians, poets, musicians, actors and scientists- have presented the public with new images and ideas from the overlap of football and culture.
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    FIFA World Cup Predictor Game

    Can Brazil successfully defend the title and become champions for a sixth time? Will the backing of a partisan crowd spur Germany on to victory? And how will the chilling encounters in Group C between Argentina, Côte d'Ivoire, Serbia and Montenegro and the Netherlands be resolved?
    By playing the Predictor Game, you can forecast the results of each match at the FIFA World Cup in Germany. And to make things simpler for you, the group standings will automatically be calculated.

    To play, simply type the results into the boxes on the Predictor Game page, based on how you think each match will be decided, e.g. if you think that Germany’s opening game against Costa Rica will end in a 1-1 draw, type 1 into the box next to Germany and do likewise in the box next to Costa Rica.

    Complete the results for all of the matches in each of the eight groups and the group standings – together with the two qualifiers from each section - will automatically appear, without the need for you to do any arithmetic. Plot the path of each team right the way through to the Final – then hazard a guess as to who will end up being crowned world champions on 9 July in Berlin.

    Compare your predictions with friends or work colleagues, send them a copy of your results sheet and see who guessed correctly. You can play the Predictor Game at either the group stage and then the knockout stage, or chance your arm by attempting to guess the outcome of the whole tournament in just one attempt. You can also print out the entire game and put your predictions on the wall.
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